Tunics - Wrap-around Tunic

Litur: Svart
Stærð: S/m
5.241 kr

  • Efni100% Polyester plain weave
  • Þyngd185gsm
  • StærðS/M 10/12 L/XL 14/16
  • KynKona
  • AldurFullorðinn

A very attractive and stylish wrap around tunic that offers businesses an alternative solution to traditional tabards and tunics. An over the head style that fastens from the back to front on the underside, then wraps back on itself and ties neatly at the back. This style is cut to flatter the female figure and features a v –neck and side vents which allow complete ease of movement.

  • Over-the-head style, 83cm in length.
  • Front-to-back wrap-around.
  • Double front pocket.

Nánari upplýsingar

Over the head wrap around tunic, Fastens from front to back with self-fabric ties. Double front pocket. V-neck styling. Length of 83cm. BSCI certified. Reach certified.

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Þvottur innanlands 40 ° C.

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