UNT kanna - Já það stendur bara UNT

4.560 kr


What is UNT?

Is it some kind of curious code? Perhaps it’s a super-secret luxury brand, or simply a popular nickname in some far-flung part of the world?
Actually, now you mention it, we heard someone shouting it on the street the other day.

All we know about this mysteriously named mug is that is features a sturdy 325ml ceramic body with three unexplained letters and a large black c-shaped handle.

key features:

    Excellent beverage serving abilities
    High quality glazed ceramic construction
    Oddly familiar selection of letters
    C-shaped handle

Please Note:

    Depending on how much and from what direction you look at this mug, it may appear to contain a "rude" word

Product Features:

    Quality ceramic construction
    Left AND right handed
    Excellent for holding/serving beverages


    Measures approximately 9.5cm(H) x 8cm(Ø)

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