Mini retro-style dance machine - for your fingers!

8.990 kr


  • Dansaðu með fingrunum 
  • Kepptu við vini, fjöldskyldu eða maka 
  • Mini retro-style dance machine - for your fingers!
  • The perfect way to stretch out your weary digits after a long days typing
  • Pairs with a free app full of songs with different speeds and complexities
  • Pit your hands against each other or play with a mate
  • Find out if you've got two left fingers

While Konami DDR machines gather dust at the arcade, TikTok has done a pretty decent job of filling the good-times dancing void. But now there's a new dancing craze in town...

Introducing the Finger Dance Machine.

It's exactly as it sounds, a classic retro-style dance machine... for your fingers! All you have to do is install the free Finger Dance Game app on your smartphone and then connect it wirelessly to the machine – you'll be shaking that pinky and gyrating those knuckle joints in no time. The app includes heaps of tunes, all with different complexities and speeds that are guaranteed to trip up even the most dextrous digits.

Please Note:

  • Requires 4x AA batteries (not included) and the free Finger Dance Game app

Product Features:

  • Miniature retro-style dancing machine
  • Free Finger Dance Game app includes heaps of tunes - all with varying speed and complexity
  • Pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Play against your self or with friends
  • App includes multiple tunes with varying speeds and complexity

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