Heimsins minnsta Beer Pong - nú getur þú tekið fjörið með þér hver sem er!

3.360 kr

All of the fun and frenzied frat-party vibes of the original boozy classic – only this time it's tiny (the World's smallest, in fact).

Beer pong was always pretty portable but now you can really play it in confined spaces – at your office desk, during an in-flight meal etc. The mess it creates is also a lot more manageable to clean up!

Owing to their smaller size, you'll either be very relieved at the prospect of getting drunk at a leisurely pace – or you'll want to switch it up to spirits to keep up with the original!

key features:

    Don't expect the World's Smallest hangover
    All the ridiculous boozy fun of the classic party game – only tiny!
    Comes with seven frat party style cups and three ping pong balls
    Smaller cups so you won't get drunk quite as quickly
    ...or switch from beer to spirits to keep pace with the original
    Make sure you pick up a couple of sets if you want to play with two teams

Product Features:

    The World's Smallest Beer Pong!
    Comes with seven cups and 3 ping pong balls
    Probably the most portable drinking game ever


    Measures approximately 9.5cm(W) x 7.5cm(H) x 4.5cm(D)

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