Geimfarakanna - þær verða ekki mikið flottari könnurnar en þessi

4.680 kr

This space-age ceramic mug is on another level, namely the exosphere.

Fill this intrepid astronaut’s helmet up with a hot drink of your choice and blast off to the caffeinated heights of the milky way - unless you take your drinks black, then you’ll be floating around in space, miles away from the nearest star. At least you’ll be awake enough to cope with it.

Just be sure to keep your shiny-visored space sailor out of the dishwasher, it’ll mess up his shiny chrome finish.

key features:

    Astronaut Mug - One small cup for man, one giant mug for mankind
    Fill his helmet up with a hot drink to take him into space
    Made of sophisticated ceramic with a reflective visor
    An ideal gift for budding astronauts
    Choose from black, silver or gold

Product features:

    Astronaut helmet mug
    Complete with shiny visor
    Choose from black, gold or silver
    The coolest mug in the troposphere


    15.5 13.3 13.5
    Measures approximately 15.5cm (H) x 13.3cm (W) x 13.5cm (D)

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