Belti - Braid Stretch Belt

Litur: Svart
Stærð: Ein stærð
4.221 kr

  • EfniRubber and faux leather
  • Þyngd120gsm
  • StærðOne size (95-125cm)
  • KynUnisex
  • AldurFullorðinn

Whether you are after a rugged or refined look, the Asquith & Fox® braid stretch belt won’t fail to impress. Add this textured stretch woven belt, available in a range of contemporary colours, to your chinos to achieve a handsome tailored finish to your look.

  • Faux leather pieces for styling and support.
  • Stretch capabilities to fit a huge range of sizes.
  • Contrast colours to match chinos.

Nánari upplýsingar

A stretch rubber braided belt with two colours to form a fashionable zig zag contrast pattern. Fastens with a chrome buckle and any part of the belt can be used to make and secure a hole for full fastening. A Tan faux leather piece supports the buckle mechanism and another piece wraps over the end for a neat finish. Available in colours to match the Chino's range from Asquith & Fox®. WRAP certified. BSCI certified. SEDEX certified.Product contains no branded neck label.* Removable Kimble or looped garment tags. Inner seam label holds important product information on one label with a second label containing brand information which can be cut-away.*Please note old stock may contain a fixed branded label

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