Handklæði - ARTG® Hamamzz® Peshtemal Towel

Litur: Black/Cream
Stærð: Ein stærð
6.144 kr

  • Efni100% Cotton
  • Þyngd250gsm
  • StærðOne size (100 x 180cm)
  • KynUnisex
  • AldurFullorðinn

Peshtemals are usually stripe patterned with different colours and usually have fringes matching their design. They are woven from cotton yarn in many sizes. The elegant design of a peshtemal catches everybody's eye at beaches, and also makes them a perfect decorative item for every house. You can choose several for your home, for travel, and for around the pool or beach. This Hamman towel has enjoyed a long history of success because it is expertly woven from long, durable fibres that actually become softer with each wash.

  • Hamamzz®, hand made and heavyweight.
  • Turkish Towel, 100% cotton.
  • Quick drying and durable quality.

Nánari upplýsingar

These beautiful Hamamzz® towels are handwoven in an authentic way according to traditional patterns. This makes this Hamamzz® towel very special and so very beautiful. The towels are made of 100% cotton, weigh only 430 gram and can be folded to a very compact package. Therefore, they are ideal for transport in your suitcase, backpack or beach bag. Take them on trips to the beach, to your boat, to the swimming pool, to the sauna or to the gym. Hamamzz® hammams are traditionally woven in Turkey. The tassels are twisted and knotted by women by hand. A craft that goes from family to family. Small web errors are possible and they can vary by colour and weight. SEDEX certified. Oeko-Tex certified. BSCI certified. Fairtrade certified.

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