Sloppar - ARTG® Deluxe Velour Bathrobe With Hood

Litur: White
Stærð: Xs
15.921 kr

  • Efni100% Cotton
  • Þyngd400gsm
  • StærðXS S/M L/XL
  • KynUnisex
  • AldurFullorðinn

ARTG Robezz® introduces a velour bathrobe with a hood. To keep you warm whenever you need it. Made from 100% cotton and incredibly cosy, velour bathrobes have a distinguishable lustre, undeniable warmth, and a signature soft texture. Often mistaken for velvet, velour is a more durable, woven fabric that is as classic as it is comfortable.

  • Ultimate softness, keeps you warm.
  • Hooded model, easy maintenance.
  • Generous sizing, durable quality.

Nánari upplýsingar

UNISEX sizing - 3 sizes for most body shapes. Full Length - Typically to mid calf. Substantial - 100% cotton, thick, plush, terry cloth velour. Absorbent - Combed cotton inner lining. Plush and Luxurious - Velvety soft outer shell and hood. Convenient - Deep side pockets and belt loops. Simple. High Quality - Finely brushed fabrics that won’t shed or pill for long lasting wear. Functional - Dries quickly, resists mildew and stains. Easy Maintenance - Machine wash cold, tumble dry for 15 minutes, hang to dry. SEDEX certified. Oeko-Tex certified. BSCI certified. Fairtrade certified.

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