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You never touch the freeze-dried muck, you loath the faceless high-street chains, but you love gourmet coffee – it's time to grow it yourself.

Our Coffee to Grow kit comes in a biodegredable takeaway cup and includes organic fertiliser, instructions and one almighty Coffea Arabica Nana bean. Everything you need to grow your own coffee plant and create your master blend (in many, many, many months time).

The best part? After a few months of growth, you can just place the entire cup into a plot of soil/flower bed – and because it's made from compressed bamboo fibres it will naturally decompose and turn into tasty fertiliser for your plant.

key features:

    Everything you need to grow your own delicious arabica coffee!
    Bypass the boring supermarket blends and faceless high-street chains
    Comes in a biodegradable takeaway coffee cup
    Cup naturally decomposes and turns into fertiliser

Please Note:

    Your Coffee Plant will require a bit of love and tenderness in the first four weeks of growth – after then it's plain sailing!

Product Features:

    Everything you need to grow your own Arabic Coffee Plant
    Kit includes: Instructions, Biodegradable Takeaway cup planter, organic fertiliser and Coffea Arabica Nana bean
    Just replant the entire cup when you're ready to upscale


    Measures approximately 10cm(W) x 15cm(H) x 10cm(D)

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