Dýrahúfa sem dansar! Hægt að kreysta og eyrun lifna við.

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Stórskemmtileg, mjúk og þægileg dýrahúfa sem hægt er að kreysta og þá lifna eyrun við.


These hats make us feel sorry for the Victorians. The poor straightlaced buggers will never get to experience the 21st century thrill of adorably animated cuddly headgear.

They’re really quite something. A gentle squeeze of their dangling paws and their ears playfully twitch, in keeping with their delightfully expressive little faces.

The perfect antidote to a landlord who won’t let you keep your black cat in the house.

    Animal hats that dance!
    Gently pull their paws and watch their mesmerising ears come to life
    One size fits all, obvs
    The snuggliest, most animated thing you can put on your head

Product features:

    Animated animal hats
    Squeeze their paws to make their ears dance and twitch
    One size fits all


    Measures approximately 25.4cm (H) x 33cm (W) x 5.1cm (D)

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